Clear Specialist Braces

Clear Specialist Braces

Invisalign braces are great for anyone worrying about the appearance of their teeth when they require braces.

Expert Invisalign Support

Expert Invisalign Support

Although they might be slightly more costly, invisalign braces will ensure that braces do not affect the appearance of your smile during the long straightening process.

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Invisalign Clear Braces

Our devoted team of dental experts can offer the essential treatment and Invisalign clear braces your family wants for great smiles and excellent health. Our specialists provide assistance with urgent treatment in addition to ongoing procedure plans to make sure you have the smile that you want.

We will make sure to give the correct care for you in accordance with what you want so just tell us what we can do to help you.


Speak to our advisors today to get more info on our variety of care solutions. We could talk about all of the different possible choices and answer any questions you may have in regards to what we can do.

What are Invisalign Clear Braces?

Invisalign TM clear braces replicate standard braces, however, the Invisalign TM braces come in a much less obvious, clear colour. Numerous things, both hereditary and environmental, may have an effect on the look of our teeth. We can offer a number of aesthetic procedures to address imperfections and improve how your teeth look.

Cosmetic dental work is an area of care focused on enhancing the appearance of people's smiles. As professional cosmetic dental surgeons we will generate a smile makeover program that will enhance your appearance and personality. An expert cosmetic dental practitioner will make each person's smile great, but also distinctive and a lot more real looking than in the past. We are able to supply a range of aesthetic dental solutions to suit the various requirements of our patients.

Best Transparent Braces

After speaking with you regarding what your optimal smile may look like, the dentist will recommend one or more treatments in order to meet your goals. A number of treatments are accessible for cosmetic dentistry patients so it completely depends on what is required by each individual.


Gum reshaping can be carried out to improve the appearance of the gum tissue, leaving individuals with a brighter smile. We'll also provide tooth whitening, new porcelain crowns and implants subject to what you need. Implants could boost your self-confidence and happiness if you've got a missing tooth. Tooth implants are designed to imitate a natural tooth as they feature a complete root design as well as the crown, whilst traditional prosthetics substitute only the crowns of a lost tooth. The strong structure will make an implanted tooth feel, fit in, and work just like healthy teeth.

Clear Braces

The implanted teeth mean you can chew all types of food because they operate in the same way as real teeth. These will deliver more than just cosmetic dental features since they give you the performance you would get with a full set of normal teeth. Laser whitening procedures may be supplied for individuals who have staining or discolouration on their teeth.

If a tooth is cracked or in need of reshaping, porcelain dental veneers can be an option, as well as crowns that enhance the natural tooth. Many individuals have Invisalign clear braces TM to align a tooth that isn’t completely straight and to make the brace unnoticeable. This is an ongoing treatment method designed to straightens the smile. If you have suffered a facial injury, you could have a damaged jaw bone or even a misplaced tooth from this. Our own consultants are able to use false implants to fix teeth that have been chipped, as well as consult with different medical professionals to repair any problems with your jaw bone.

A similar brand available is Clear Smile (TM). These are fixed ceramic brace that allows for straightening upper and lower arches. We offer a number of other brands too. One of the more popular ones is Six Month Smiles (R); these clear braces are a quick and effective way to straighten front teeth - they will be straightened within 6 months. We also offer a speed brace for the top 4 or bottom 4 teeth which takes between 6-16 weeks - this is called Inman Aligner (R). Lingual braces or Incognito (TM) are also available. These sit behind the teeth, so people cannot see them.

Specialist Clear Braces

In regards to the price of cosmetic care treatment methods it really does depend on exactly what must be done for each and every person. For many, a specific procedure may be offered, but other people might need a longer method with a number of techniques.

We will consistently try to keep the cost as affordable for you as we can, nevertheless, the sense of getting a great smile is really invaluable. Using an examination, a specialist cosmetic dentist will be able to explain every one of the payment types we offer and decide on what would be best suited with regard to your dental treatment.


Clear braces are excellent for providing the patient with a multi-purpose product that not only allows for your teeth to be straightened but also promotes a natural, white smile.

This is because the Invisalign clear brace TM is hard to see when placed on the teeth. We understand that some children are nervous about having a brace or don't have the self-confidence to wear them so we always ensure that an Invisalign clear brace TM is an available option to the public.

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